Michal Pavlíček (b. 14. 2. 1956)

Composer, guitarist, singer, producer and songwriter. Studied at the film faculty of the Academy of Music in Prague. One of the main figures and founder members of the legendary rock group Pražské Výběr. Founder member, writer and composer of the band Stromboli. He also performs with the groups BSP, Trio, and Supergroup, and with the singer Monika Načeva. He has appeared on recordings of Zuzana Michovná, Monika Načeva, Bára Basiková, Kamil Střihavka, Richard Müller and others. He has authored music for many theatrical productions such as Akvabela, Velice Modrý Pták, and Višňový sad. He has also written music for a variety of productions for Czech television such as Konec Velkých Prázdnin, Oběti, Dobrá Čtvrť, Místo v Životě, Život je Ples, Cesty Domů, and for full-length films such as Proč, Stínu Neutečeš, Na Půdě, Odcházení, Přijde Letos Ježíšek, and Agáva. On the international stage, Michal composed the score for the BBC historical series The Scarlet Pimpernel and the children’s serial Outlaw, and also authored music for the hit British fantasy serial Merlin (series 4). He has composed music for the Minotaurus and Hádanky performances at Laterna Magika, and for the musicals Clown, Exclaibur, The Picture of Dorian Grey and the Lady of the Camelias. He was also co-author and main protagonist in the influential Czech Television musical show Na Kouboučku. He has released over 70 CDs and DVDs and has received many awards and a good number of gold discs. His “Beat Hall of Fame”DVD went double platinum and took an Anděl award. In 2016 he was inducted into the Hall of Fame and received an Anděl Award for Lifetime Achievement..