MERLIN IV   (08.10.2011)
MALÝ PRINC   (17.09.2011)
Rocková jízda Sejít z cesty   (09.09.2011)
Špačkové v síti času   (08.09.2011)
Zivot je ples   (08.09.2011)
Cesty domu   (08.08.2011)
Tísňové volání   (05.08.2011)
BSP DVD Launch   (07.06.2011)
7.6.2011 sees the launch in Prague's Sasazu of the new BSP DVD, accompanied by a concert. To support the release of the DVD, BSP will be playing …
Odchazeni - Premier   (22.03.2011)
The premier of Vaclav Havel's film “Leaving,” for which Michal composed the soundtrack is taking place on 22.03.2011 at Kino Lucerna …
Excalibur, Picture of Dorian Gray DVD   (11.03.2011)
The release of DVDs of Michal Pavlicek's musicals Excalibur and The \Picture of Dorian Gray is planned for the end of March
Koncertní turné Srdeční záležitosti 2011   (11.03.2011)
This article is corect only in czech version.  
Matters of the Heart released at last   (02.12.2010)
Michal Pavlicek's 3CD “Matters of the Heart” is available for the Christmas season. Hip hip, hooray!
Michal Pavlicek and the Prague Conservatory   (03.11.2010)
On the 1st December 2011 Michal Pavlicek will appear at the Prague Rudolfinum with a symphony orchestra and the choir of the Prague Conservatory …
Prize for most successful Czech work abroad of 2009   (27.05.2010)
On the 17th June Michal Pavlicek will be receiving a prize from the Czech Copyright Association for the most successful Czech work abroad for the …
The Network of Lost Time   (24.05.2010)
During 2011 Michal Pavlicek will be writing music for the forthcoming Czech TV adventure serial the Network of Lost Time, directed by Karel …